Belgium In November: Day 2: Cantillon and on and on.

After a leisurely breakfast randy_byers , pingopark  and I headed off on a bit of a walking tour of Brussels with the Cantillon brewery as our destination. Meike and I had been before but were happy to go again, and reckoned it was an essential visit for Randy.
Probably the most bizarre sight on the walk there was the monument to fairground entertainers killed in the two world wars; a statue of a pierrot style clown with a big sword. Cue much thoughts as to the mortality rates of clowns in warfare. Probably pretty high, due to the deployment of the car horn when sneaking up on the enemy, the difficulty of a swift retreat when wearing those shoes, the guns that only fire a flag with "Bang!" written on it, and so on.

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100 Belgian Beers: Not Done This For A While

Wow, it's about six months since I did any of this. You can see why I'm not a proper, or even improper, beer blogger can't you? Anyway, for the benefit of anyone without an incredibly long memory, I'm attempting to drink my way through the book 100 Belgian Beers To Try Before You  Die! and then write a bit about them all afterwards. A few of the beers I've had already have been pretty elusive and have meant I've had to travel to cafes in tiny villages or monasteries out in the countryside to find them. Actually writing it up afterwards still seems to be the hardest part though.

Anyway, I've just booked another trip over to Belgium for the end of June. A few days in Antwerp is the order of the day this time. So I'd better get some of these done before I fall too far behind. There's still the trip with pingopark and randy_byers , over from Seattle last November, to write about. But first, a few beers from before then...
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